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5 Foolproof Beauty Tips for Summer

We know that your Summer is filled with Family vaca's, Summer camp, concerts and impromptu date nights. The last item on your to-do list...perfect the coveted "beachy waves" whilst spending an extra hour in the powder room.

Don't get us wrong, we love a stellar wave (and enjoy teaching our guests how-to's in the salon) but know you'd much rather be rocking' out to your favorite band, spending quality time with your loves or catching up on the latest Netflix series instead. Albeit, we've compiled a beauty cheat sheet to keep you smooth sailing through the rest of Summer.


1. Use Davines Sea Salt Spray on mid-length and ends of DRY hair to enhance natural texture.

2. When feeling Dull or lack-luster, mist dry locks with A Shimmer Mist for a pick-me-up. (great for the middle and ends of hair on day 2)

3. Use Hair Refresher to keep oil at bay, refresh hair after your sweat session, or to add extra oomph in place of teasing and of course to extend your hair style an extra day or two. Spritz the roots of your hair (not your scalp) and hold bottle approx. 8-10 inches from root area.

4. Get your UVA and UVB protection from our Su/ Hair Milk. Great for adding hydration while protecting and preserving the your hair from Sun exposure. Use like a leave-in conditioner pre-sun. Easy Peas-y.

5. Feeling frizzy and frazzled? Our DeDe Hair Mist is excellent at detangling and taming your tresses for a frizz-free finish. This is a very light weight product, great for fine hair types as well. Use as a leave-in treatment after shampoo.

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