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The Half Bun

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you may have plans to be in the kitchen for most of the day and need a quick and easy hairstyle to get you to turkey day dinner in a snap. We've got just the hairstyle for you! The half bun can be dressed up or dressed down, so you'll look great either way. Let's get into the tutorial:

Tools needed:

01. Small, clear elastic bands

02. Tail Comb

03. Bobby pins

04. Davines This Is A Dry Texturizer

05. Davines Your Hair Assistant

We recommend starting with fresh waves. See how we get gorgeous waves in this post.

Step One: Section your hair off in the front. If you have fringe, use your comb to section off the hair from the recession point (where the hairline dips in the front).

Step Two: Use your comb and go section by section through your hair and tease.

Step Three: Section off the top part of your hair to be put in the bun. Using your tail comb, use it to find a fluid line on the back of your head. Use your fingers to feel for the natural line.

Step Four: Comb some of the teasing out to get the top of your hair nice and smooth.

Step Five: Take the top section of your hair for the bun and wrap a clear elastic around the ponytail and tighten.

Step Six: Hold the base of the ponytail and pinch and pull for more volume. If you don't have enough volume, tease the back of the pony by inserting the comb in the ponytail, working downwards. See the video below to see how this technique works!

Step Seven: Twist the ponytail around your finger and carefully wrap it around your hair to make a bun. Tease the side facing downward, and then tuck your hair underneath.

Step Eight: Pin the bun in place with a bobby pin by wiggling it squiggly side down, getting both the base of the bun and the top of your hair. Use an up and down motion to get all of the hair from the top and the base of the bun and insert the bobby pin. This will help keep it from moving throughout the day.

Step Nine: Use Your Hair Assistant on your roots for more fullness. See the video below!

Kylee's Tips

Tip #1: Use Your Hair Assistant on the tail of the ponytail before twisting it into the bun for more mold-ability.

Tip #2: Use your dry texturizing spray all over the bun for more traction.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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